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The Challenge

Possessing a rich legacy in catering, the client aspired to repurpose their VIP lounge to break into the restaurant space, introducing their cherished Indian flavours to a broader audience. Bringing their vision to reality required a brand transformation and a bold marketing approach - and we were poised to deliver.

The Solution

Our Solution

We reinvigorated their brand with a website that echoes the client's passion for catering excellence, complemented by our captivating venue photos. Nisha Parmar utilised her culinary mastery to craft a menu that became the talk of the town and set up a sold-out launch event. Capitalising on this momentum, we amplified the buzz across social channels, establishing Bhageecha as a must-visit locale.

As the client continually evolves their restaurant concept, our dynamic partnership ensures that every breakthrough is shared with their growing customer base. This has led to booking figures far exceeding their wildest hopes!

The Result

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