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The Challenge

Our mission was to support the client in launching an innovative concept: authentic Indian deli-style cuisine that transcends the usual curry van offerings. We set out to assist them in filling London's flavour-void with the aromatic tastes of Mumbai's street food, utilising our seasoned experience in developing thriving food trucks.

The Solution

Our Solution

We forged a brand that mirrored the bold flavours the client was serving up, bringing their vision to life through the design of a vibrant, attention-grabbing food van. We seamlessly wove this enticing concept into attractive menu and website designs, rapidly making them a hit on London's bustling streets. Fuelling the client’s ongoing growth, our team put in place a laser-focused brand strategy which has captured the hearts (and appetites!) of their ideal customers, from lively markets and festivals to prestigious corporate events across the Capital.

The Result

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