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The Challenge

To help our client turn their new company vision into reality with a complete branding and design overhaul. The owners needed help repositioning their business from an exclusive B2B restaurant seafood supplier to a B2C home delivery powerhouse, making luxury seafood accessible to all. Working closely with the client, we strived to weave their inspiring story and specialist products into a trustworthy brand that sets the bar high in a bustling market. We aimed to leverage our diverse experience gained through dynamic partnerships with mid-sized, family-run businesses to fuel sales growth and brand awareness.

The Solution

Our Solution

Our team helped the client pick out their prime target audience, creating a cutting-edge brand strategy and playbook. While embracing their pioneering new service, it was crucial to reflect the owner’s deep-rooted industry experience through timeless branding. We then produced a compelling brand film, connecting their customers to the passion and authenticity of the family-run business.

Keeping with the client's values, sustainability was at the forefront of everything we did, from developing eco-friendly packaging and attractive graphic design to captivating social strategies that echo their commitment to the planet. Unleashing our full range of expertise, we conducted a mouthwatering food photoshoot, creating imagery that breathed life into the Shopify website we designed and developed, to showcase their products.

Since completing the project, not only has the client’s business seen substantial growth, but they've also achieved their mission to let people enjoy exquisite seafood who never thought they could!

The Result

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