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Love Churros

The Challenge

After the client's churros stand became a sensation at Winter Wonderland, they aspired to establish a unique dessert haven in London but found it tough to attract the same level of attention. Leveraging our vast expertise in marketing and design, we aimed to transform the little known shop into a must-visit pudding spot in London’s food circuit.

The Solution

Our Solution

Our team dove straight in, recreating their menus to stand out through bold, modern design in both digital and print forms. Through captivating food photography, every churro was made to pop-out enticingly from the pages of the website we artfully developed. Promoting the refreshed brand image, we launched a potent social media campaign that magnetised the target audience, complemented by the standout graphic designs we used for their food trucks.

Since our collaboration, the client's customer base has grown exponentially to the point where franchising isn't just an option—it's a necessity!

The Result

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