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Nisha Parmar

The Challenge

After our client Nisha Parmar’s passion for cooking led her to the semi-final of MasterChef, she was inspired to make the leap into becoming a full-time Private Chef and Menu Consultant. Yet, to realise her dream, she sought the guidance of an experienced hand to craft a compelling brand that not only showcased her vision but also resonated profoundly with her fans.

The Solution

Our Solution

We created a timeless brand that Nisha could be proud of, and that all her fans loved too. We were delighted to support her growth as she honed in on private dining and menu development as her core strengths, making this the focus of her business.

Our team assisted in crafting engaging Instagram content, growing her follower count from mere hundreds to an enviable 19K+, promoting her exclusive dining events to a wider audience in the process. Harnessing her soaring reputation, she's now working her culinary magic at celebrities' home dinner parties across the nation.

The Result

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