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Seven by Allan

The Challenge

The client was struggling to clearly showcase their rare, delicious blend of Mediterranean and Philippine cuisine through their brand messaging. Despite serving up some of the Philippines' finest dishes, these tasty gems were tucked away from the menu and narrative, like hidden treasures, leading to missed sales opportunities.

The Solution

Our Solution

Embarking on a holistic brand overhaul, we devised a fresh identity that brought the Filipino influence to the forefront. Our team crafted an irresistible menu to spotlight the once-hidden delights, and led a targeted social campaign to celebrate the client’s distinctive cuisines with a fresh audience. Drawing from our vast experience in restaurant transformations, we revamped the website, filling it with mouthwatering shots of the tasty dishes from our food photoshoot.

Upon relaunch, the restaurant buzzed with excited locals discovering its full range of cuisine, resulting in a significant boost in customers and sales.

The Result

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